A Bitesize Interview

I was very fortunate to share a coffee and chat with Amy on The Caffeinated Wordsmith last Friday, where we talked about my journey with The Truth Will Out. Do hop over and take at peek at the short interview, complete with silly pic!

2 thoughts on “A Bitesize Interview

  1. You had me at silly pic!
    I am a bit disappointed. I headed to the post, thinking there’d me coffee. 😉 And what’s this business about you standing precariously atop high mountain tops? You are a very important author now. There are no heights, no fast cars, no water deeper than your knees and no wild animals… You can get an assistant to do that!
    My friend, I couldn’t see where to leave a comment over there, but I did visit. I hope you and yours are well. I’ve missed you. Take care and best of luck with everything. *waves*


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