A Book Launch, A Festival and A New Resource

Book Launch of The Sister by Louise Jensen


One of the nicest things about being part of the reading and writing community are the people that you meet along the way. Readers and writers you get to know online, meet up with at events, who eventually become firm friends. I met Louise Jensen through Twitter initially and when we started chatting we realised that we lived close by, so arranged to meet up. This meeting became the first of many where we sample different types of cake (sometimes drink tea too) and talk about our experiences with writing, books we’ve read and the publishing industry in general.

Louise 2

Louise was still working on her first book when we became friends and it’s been lovely following her journey, listening to her updates on submissions, sharing her excitement when she received an offer and finally reading the full version of The Sister, which has already become a bestseller in so many countries I’ve lost count! I’m incredibly proud of her and last night was the launch party, held in the marvellous ‘Not Just Words’ bookshop in the very bohemian The Yards in Kettering. (If you are local do take a look at ‘Not Just Words’, it’s slightly tucked away, veiled in colour and fairy lights, and there are some great shops and bars there.)  I was honoured to go along and support the celebrations. As usual, my pics aren’t great, but I thought I’d share them anyway to give you a flavour of the evening.

BritCrime Festival 2016


This forthcoming weekend brings a host of crime writers together as the second BritCrime Festival takes place. An online festival, it’s free and the only one you can enjoy from the comfort of your sitting room (in your jammies if you wish!). Sadly, due to recent personal circumstances, I won’t be taking part in the festival this year as I need to spend time with my family at the moment, however a signed copy of An Unfamiliar Murder will be included in the giveaway. Please do support a host of my fellow crime writers as they appear on blab and discuss the highs and lows of the writing business. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got to say! Also, want some insight into a typical day in the life of an author? Hop over to their blog, where they’ll be featuring a different writer every day. You can find more information on BritCrime here.

A New Resource


Many readers and writers will be familiar with Bookbub, an online reading community where you sign up to their newsletter and receive details about new and sale books. I’ve been alerted to a new resource, free for readers and writers, which works along the same lines so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s the brainchild of Scott Mullins who runs This Is Writing, where he hosts author interviews, book excerpts and writing tips, and it’s called Book-Swag.com. I first got to know Scott when he interviewed me on This Is Writing and it will be very interesting to see how the new Book-Swag.com unfolds and develops. This is what Scott has to say about it:

‘Book-Swag.com is a free weekly email that helps you find the best ebooks from established, new and indie authors. We search the internet and trawl through amazon reviews each week to find you must-read books at great prices. The authors featured on Book Swag haven’t paid to be here. Their books are chosen for one reason – they’re exciting books that you’ll want to read.’


You can sign up to the newsletter and find out more about it here.


Finally, on behalf of my family, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all those who have sent lovely thoughts, messages and wishes following the passing of my mother-in-law. The support of the online community has been amazingly generous and kind and we have been both overwhelmed and grateful for your thoughts.

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