A Glimpse into My World

I used to think England boring, that there were more exciting places out there, more engaging, warmer, prettier. I grew up disheartened with my roots, fidgeted with traditions like the Sunday roast dinner, the obsession with Royalty, the weather.

Recently, I have grown to appreciate the little Island I call home. Yes, I would love to wake up to warm sunshine, don my shorts and breakfast in the garden, every day. But then I wouldn’t have the lush rolling, British countryside that surrounds me. I’d miss the blossom in spring, the amazing array of colours in autumn, how the morning frost transforms the fields into a magical wonderland in winter; sledging, making snowmen, and those lovely lazy afternoon picnics in summer…

Once named the ‘County of Squires and Spires’ Northamptonshire boasts an array of ancient churches, pubs, quaint villages and stately homes. This is where I call home:


Although my house is old, it’s not particularly pretty or quaint. This is where I‘d like to live.


Rushton Hall is a wonderful example of a 15th century stately home, built in local sandstone. Beautifully renovated it is now a hotel and spa and we often go over for a coffee in the Grand Hall, or a play in the spa.


One of the abundant ancient churches in our vicinity




One of my favourite views


 Little know points about nearby Northampton town:

  • Northampton was nearly destroyed by fire in 1675.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales, is buried at her childhood home of Althorp, Northants.
  • Matt Smith, the current ‘Doctor Who’, grew up in Northampton.
  • Northampton has reputedly the largest open market square in England, dating back to the 12th century.
  • Originally a leader in the boot and shoe industry, and brewing, Northampton is now mainly a finance and distribution centre.


I would love some of my friends from around the globe to come and share a piece of their world with me. If you are interested, please send me a DM on Twitter.

 Next week, I have a very special guest and fellow Rainstorm Author, Tammy Maas, who will share her home town of Iowa.

14 thoughts on “A Glimpse into My World

  1. Your house is so beautiful Jane, I adore it! When I think of you dancing around the lounge or Bollo running around I have a visual to put with it. Living in the castle would be no fun unless you also had someone to clean it for you. Your landscape is very similar to ours in the states but I still think your grass is greener.

    • Hi Tammy! LOL – Thanks for your comments, although I should emphasise that this is my dream home and not my actual house. It is beautiful though. Looking forward to posting yours next week:)

  2. Goodness, your views are awesome. Very true, England has a lot of beautiful places just sometimes it’s beauty has to be appreciated through seasonal weather. Lovely scenery, I bet you enjoy long walks.

  3. Hello, glad you shared with us. What a charming, characterful cottage. I love watching location, location, location to see the beautiful houses and countryside you are blessed with 🙂 Soon you’ll have sightseers visiting to see where the famous author Jane Isaacs lives lol.

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