A New Year, A New Book

As we wave goodbye to 2015, it leaves me in a nostalgic mood. It was a very busy writing year for me with the release of my third novel in the June, re-gaining the rights to my debut in the summer, and writing the next Will Jackman novel. So I couldn’t have been more ready for the welcome respite of the Christmas holidays to catch up with friends, cook with my daughter, play board games with the family and generally chill out.


The above photo was our lunchtime view across The Mumbles bay, taken during our trip to visit friends in Wales – such an idyllic part of the world.

Now it’s time to move back into the driving seat. An Unfamiliar Murder has a brand new cover, been proofed and sent off to the formatter this week in readiness for its re-release in March. On the whole I’m enjoying my first attempt at self-publishing, although it is certainly challenging at times. I guess it’s like everything, a new process presents a new learning curve, but there are elements that have been fun and I’ve made some lovely new friends along the way which is always a bonus.

The latest Will Jackman novel is now finished. The book has now been clinically read by two trusted beta readers and, just this week, I sent the whole script off to my publisher. This is the part where I bite my nails and desperately hope that they will like the completed version. Fingers crossed!

So, a new year, a new book and I’m happy to say that I’ve opened the page on a new novel. At the moment I’m working through ideas, drawing up an outline and looking at getting a beginning down that I’m reasonably happy with. I find the first 10,000 words of a novel the most difficult to write, after that the story is pretty much set up, so it will take a while to knit this together. And, of course, a new story is presenting lots of research opportunities which will hopefully include a visit to a prison in the near future.

I’m also hoping to do more events this year and will be kicking off with the New Generation Publishing Self-Publishing Summit on 16.1.16. Do take a look at the itinerary and join us if you can. It looks to be a very interesting one!

I’ve also read some very intriguing novels over the holidays but at the risk of writing an epic post here, I’ll save those for another day. Something to look forward to there…

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who supported my books on the Amazon 99p Christmas sale. If you are feeling tempted, today is the last day to download Before It’s Too Late at the reduced price.

I wish you all a peaceful, happy and healthy 2016. May you enjoy great success in all your endeavours.

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