An Interesting Read – Written in Blood by Mike Silverman

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of forensic science. Whether it be DNA, fingerprints, fibre samples or something else, rarely is a serious crime solved without using a clue obtained from the white-clothed army of ants that crawl all over it.

Written in Blood charts Mike Silverman’s career as a senior forensic scientist. It follows his early motivations for joining the service, the training he received and discusses many of the cases he worked during his comprehensive career including high profile investigations like the murders of Rachel Nickell, Damilola Taylor and Jill Dando.

But this book is not sold on high profile cases, or the graphic pictures he uses of murder scenes to illustrate his points. What is more interesting are the methods the scientists use to work a scene in order to unravel the order of events that led up to the crime. We all know about fingerprints – but where are the most likely places to look for them? We all know that CSIs take a plethora of photographs to help them understand a scene, but interestingly many also draw detailed sketches of the whole area so that they can assess the direction of blood spatter etc. There are cases where it all works and cases where the evidence falls down somewhere and a conviction is not secured. It’s those little nuggets of information that make this book such a compelling read.

There’s a broad overview of politics in Written in Blood, where Silverman talks about changes in the service and budget cuts, but apart from that it focuses on real people and real cases taken from his own catalogue of experience and that, in my opinion, is what makes it so fascinating.

I would recommend this read to crime writers, readers and anyone who has a keen interest in forensic science. I certainly found it an interesting read.


In other news, we are moving forward on my third book, Before It’s Too Late, to prepare it for publication next July. I am currently awaiting the cover art from Legend Press and hope to be able to share this with you soon.


Have a wonderful week, all.

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    • Hi Rebecca, Lovely to see you here.I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Apparently Mike was at Harrogate, although I didn’t see him. Thanks for your kind words about the cover. Can’t wait to see it myself, lol:)

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