An Unfamiliar Murder – A Bestseller?

Well, OK, only in one store. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

Wow! Me and James – my inspiration.

Huge thanks to the great staff at my local bookstore for selling so many of my books, being supportive to a debut author in arranging promotional events, and reading and recommending my novel. You guys rock!

Shelf space next to P D James. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

This is the best moment in my writing life. Thanks so much to all the wonderful readers who have read and commented on the novel. You’re all awesome and make me smile everyday.

15 thoughts on “An Unfamiliar Murder – A Bestseller?

    • Thank you, Justin. I certainly am. I grew up with P D James, a legend in crime fiction. And I love Patterson’s Alex Cross creation. Thanks for stopping by:)

  1. That’s absolutely fantastic! News that should make you smile everyday 🙂

    I can only imagine how it feels to see your book sat next to two greats like that. Congratulations Jane!

  2. You think this is great? Wait until tomorrow or next year. The sky is the limit, my dear friend.
    Hey, enjoy it! But not too long. You’ve got bigger hills to climb! I’m believing it!


  3. Congrats on your book, on your sales, and wow … between having your book displayed beside James Patterson’s, and being on a shelf between PD James and Lisa Jackson, it’s a wonder your head didn’t explode. ;-D I fear mine would have. So much excitement, so much GOOD STUFF HAPPENING, at one time, in one place. Awesome. Surely this is just the beginning. Buy yourself some shades. The future looks very bright. :-}

  4. Just had to write, Jane, to say “HOW EXCITING!” Those pictures give me goosebumps. How wonderful it must feel to see your book on the same shelf as those others! And deservedly so. Hope the trend goes viral.

  5. This, is what dreams are made of. Seeing your book displayed there – and next to Mr Patterson too as you said – must have being an amazing feeling. All that hard work, so worth it.
    Congratulations Jane 🙂

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