An Unusual Find

I never seem to be able to come out of a bookshop empty-handed lately. Problem is, at every one of my book signings I’ve acquired something new and my reading pile is now in danger of toppling over and doing some real damage.

You may recall me telling you about the interesting range of books at Kibworth bookshop last week? Well, in spite of the three books I bought to read for National Crime Reading Month (which I haven’t even started yet), I also picked up the above which is turning out to be quite an interesting one.

The story is a satirical look at the life of David Slavitt, a married crime writer and father of two. David’s first thriller was a huge success that gained him a literary agent and deal with one of the big publishing houses, but several books down the line his readership is waning and he is struggling for motivation. He battles through his writers block to pen a few scenes everyday while his agent bawls him out for missing a US tour and he chases his kids around, making packed lunches and doing the school run. His high flying wife has a senior academic position and, as the story progresses, he suspects her of having an affair with a student and is reduced to tiptoeing around and spying on her.

From his angst over choosing the right title, to his relationship with his rather over-zealous agent, Julie, and his paranoia over reviews, this is a great read for anyone who has dabbled with the publishing world, whether reading or writing. I’m about two thirds through and it has been well worth the read for the belly laughs alone – certainly an unusual find.


In other news, I will be sitting on my first author panel at Beaconlit this weekend. I admit the butterflies are starting to circle a little as the date draws nearer, but I’m sure it’ll be fun when I get there. The timetable for the day looks amazing, so even if you are not a crime fiction fan, do come along and join us. I will be reporting back on my experience next week!

2 thoughts on “An Unusual Find

  1. I was sent a copy of My Criminal World by a book-blogging friend who thought I might find it interesting. Not started it yet, but your comments on it has put it at the top of my holiday reads pile.
    Enjoy your Beaconlit panel. I look forward to reading about your experience in due course.

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