Are You Looking for a Publisher?

Have you completed that novel? Are you just putting the finishing touches to your beloved work, ready to query? Here’s where I share my research – a list of independent publishing houses that accept submissions from new writers.

All houses below were open to submissions last time I checked, but don’t be down hearted if some of them are closed when you visit. There’s a good chance they will re-open again as their reading piles reduce.

Many of them are UK publishers, but that doesn’t necessary mean they won’t accept submissions from abroad. I’m a UK writer who signed with a US house, after all.

I’m sharing this list in response to many Twitter pals who’ve asked for my research. I hope there’s something in there for you.


Rainstorm Press     

Legend Press          

Linen Press              

Nemesis Publishing 

Contact Publishing   !writers


M P Publishing          

Honest Publishing    

Unbridled Press       

Winter Witch Books 

P S Publishing          

Flicking Lizard          

Rickshaw Publishing

Sparkling Books      

Sandstone Press    

Whitmore Publishing

Tonto Books                                                                                                             


Finally, if you need any tips on submitting and writing in general, head over to where there’s a wealth of information on various aspects of writing, not to mention blogs to read and podcasts to listen to.

8 thoughts on “Are You Looking for a Publisher?

  1. Wow, that is a fantastic list and a great resource for all writers, and if the sites are not interested in other than UK I am sure they will recommend something to you.

    Fantastic, thanks a lot.

  2. Jane, thanks so much for sharing this list of publishers and the link. I will be checking these out in much greater detail in the near future, I assure you! Great blog and great website in general. I’ll be back.

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