An Unfamiliar Murder is Released! (So excited.)

*STOP PRESS*   *STOP PRESS*   *STOP PRESS * Release date brought forward! An Unfamiliar Murder is out NOW on Kindle Worldwide and paperback on Follow these links:- Paperback US:  Kindle US:  Kindle UK: …

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Bad Chap Bollo


We always have a tin of chocolates stored beneath the tree in our front room at Christmas. On the morning of the 27th Dec, I came downstairs to find the lid slid to one side and the tin empty. Hmm. There had been a good handful of chocolates left when I retired to bed last night. I turned to Bollo who immediately averted his gaze to the stairs. Ahhh! Had someone snuck downstairs and grabbed a midnight treat? But why leave the tin there, lid open and all? I checked the bin for wrappers: nothing. Why dispose of them? It was all very perplexing.

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