Book Review – A Murderous Game by Patricia Paris

Ever read a book out of complete curiosity and been pleasantly surprised? This was one of mine. The author, Patricia Paris, is a wonderful friend and support on Twitter and, as most of you know, I only review books here I really love and they are mostly crime thrillers.

A Murderous Game is a sexy romance, not my usual reading material, but the suspense dragged me right in from the beginning, compelling me to share it with you all:


Abby Carpenter dreams up different methods of killing her ex-husband, so much so, that she even discusses it with friends. But nobody is more astonished than her when his dead body is discovered, thrusting her into the limelight as a murder suspect.

Through work she re-kindles an intense friendship with Gage, who turns out to be one of her late husband’s rivals, more evidence to boot. As the story progresses and she protests her innocence, more and more evidence unfolds linking her to his death. Can Detectives find the killer, before police charge her for murder? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Paris layers her characters beautifully as she deftly inserts twists and turns into the plot to keep the reader guessing. Wonderfully woven prose, alongside positively sizzling romantic scenes will demand that you flick those pages to the last letter. A gripping read.

5 thoughts on “Book Review – A Murderous Game by Patricia Paris

  1. Wow, Jane! Thanks so much for the lovely review of A Murderous Game. I had so much fun with Gabe and Abby and it is very gratifying to hear how much you enjoyed their story. Your kind words humble me!

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