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I mentioned in my last blog post that I’d read some interesting novels over the holidays. The first of which was a very lucky early read of SJI Holliday’s, Willow Walk, which is due to be released early this year. This will be her second novel and what a cracker it is! If you love a good page-turner that you cannot put down, then you are certainly in for a treat with this one. Do follow Susi on Twitter (@SJIHoliday) and look out for her cover reveal, coming soon.


My second read was How To Be Brave by Louise Beech. I was drawn to this book by all the mentions on Twitter and Facebook. It featured in so many top 10 reads of 2015 that I really didn’t want to be left out – and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.


This novel tells tells the story of Natalie, Rose and Colin. When nine-year-old Rose is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes she starts a regular routine of daily injections. Her mother, Natalie, faces the huge challenge of getting Rose to accept her condition and subsequent treatment, and uses the story of her own grandfather, Colin’s, journey at sea during the war as a vehicle to show the strength and bravery that Rose needs to work it through.

A beautifully written story of a mother’s fight to support her daughter against all the odds. Highly recommended.


Last night was my first visit to our new village book club. I’ve visited quite a few book clubs as a writer and always enjoyed a warm welcome and interesting conversation, so it was lovely to go along as a reader this time. Our first read was The Girl On The Train and it provoked quite a lively discussion!



This is the story of Rachel, a rather sad character, who sees something suspicious while on her regular commute to London. It’s impossible to say too much more without giving the plot away, but it’s certainly an edge of the seat thrilling read. We also hear from two other voices in the book – Jessica and Megan.

Opinions were divided, not everyone gelled with the characters or felt the plot was plausible. I have to say that I was initially put off by some of the controversial reviews of this book, but am so grateful for the reading group for selecting it because I loved it and would certainly recommend it to other readers who enjoy a quick read with a psychological twist.


Coincidentally, I’m visiting another book club as an author tonight. They have chosen Before It’s Too Late as their December read and I can’t help but wonder if it will provoke such a lively discussion!

Later this month, I will be hosting a new publication interview with Dave Sivers as he releases his latest novel, Evil Unseen. I’ve really enjoyed the Archer and Baines series to date and it will be interesting to see how he develops the characters further with this new release.

Have a great week, folks, and happy reading!

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