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I met a lovely and very interesting lady over Christmas who’s faced some very difficult decisions during 2012. A sudden change in her personal circumstances forced her to leave her home in Melbourne, Australia and return to England with her children. The problem was she had to leave her beautiful dog, Milly, behind.

None of us wish to be parted from our pets, but she found temporary reprieve in some very close Aussie friends who agreed to care for Milly until she could raise the cash to fly her back to join the family. However, since returning to England, finances have been very tight and she hasn’t yet managed to raise the money.

Her friends are now moving house and unable to take Milly with them. Therefore she has to raise $5,000 to bring Milly home within the next few months. If not, Milly will be sent to the dogs’ home to look for a new family.

I have to say that this story rang a bell with me. I can’t imagine being parted from any of my hairy friends, and the thought of not knowing what the future holds for them would chill me to the bone. So, I’ve pledged my support. If you find the same, please visit and ‘like’ their Face book page and, if you wish find out more or pledge your support, please click here .

Many thanks for reading about Milly.

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