Cameo’s ‘Candy’ and The Electric Slide

A couple of weeks ago I attended my cousin’s 40th birthday bash in London. It was a wonderful evening full of family, good food and flowing wine and, much to our great delight, a 1980’s disco.

Being ‘80’s teens’, my husband and I pride ourselves in being experts on this particular era of music. This was a time of big hair, funk music and lots of dancing. We thought we knew it all until ‘Candy’ by Cameo came on, and friends and family gathered on the floor and performed what can only be described as a kind of line dance.

My husband and I stepped back, jerked our heads towards one another and knitted our brows. “What is this?” he asked. “Why it’s The Electric Slide!” they answered. Hmmm. Have we missed out on something here? We came home the following day, only to find many examples of the dance on You Tube.

So, I’d like to open this one up. Are you a fan of 80’s music? If so, did you do The Electric Slide? Or has ‘Candy’ been re-released and the dance put together in recent years? I’d love to hear your comments.

And if you want a little reminder (or just a quick laugh), follow this link for an example of the ‘famous’ Electric Slide.

8 thoughts on “Cameo’s ‘Candy’ and The Electric Slide

  1. I never knew it actually had a name! Was not sure what you meant, until I checked at the link and that does look rather familiar. I do love the 80’s and believe I may have bopped around like that once or twice haha

  2. I love the 80s and the music is so special to me and my high school then college memories. Synths stepped into the world with The Human League, Eurythmics, and hair metal and then Cameo’s Electric Slide…wow. Thank you Jane for stirring up great memories.

  3. While I love watching people do it, I’ve never actually committed Electric Slide murder. That’s what it would be. In my case, line dancing is and will always be a spectator sport!

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