Catching Up


It’s been a busy week and I’m just back from a family weekend in Oxford, so I apologise in advance for this week’s blog post which is rather made up of bits and pieces. I will share more of our Oxford experience with you soon. In the meantime the above picture is the sun setting on the ancient walls of Christchurch College, whose Great Hall proved to be the inspiration for the film version of Hogwart’s hall and is well worth a visit.


Book Launch


Last Wednesday I travelled to London to the launch party of ‘From the Cradle’, the number one bestselling novel by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards. They are pictured above giving their speech. So much work goes into writing a book and bringing it to publication and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate the event with them and meet up with literary friends, old and new.

Launch Ian Me

The venue was a beautiful art gallery in Gray’s Inn Gardens. The pic above is of me and my dear friend, Ian Robinson. I’m told the display of boxes behind us was on sale for 6K, should anyone be interested in purchasing!


Coffee with a canine


Recently I took part in Marshall Zeringue’s ‘Coffee with a canine’ blogspot, where writers talk about the part their hairy friends play in their writing life. The post went live this week and was great fun to do. You can read it and catch more pics of Bollo here.


Library Talk

This forthcoming week I’m off to Weavers Academy in Wellingborough, Northants to talk about books and writing as part of their Agatha Christie Mystery Week. I’m honoured to be invited. I love libraries and this is my first invite to a school one, so I’m really looking forward to chatting with everyone.



Finally, I would like to wish all my friends who are participating in Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month, all the very best. I really admire those that take up the challenge of writing a novel in a month and love the sheer dedication and enthusiasm it spreads online. I hope to be able to join you in a small way by adding something to my own work-in-progress.


Okay, that’s it. Normal service will resume soon, I’m sure. Have a wonderful week, all.





2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Great post and it was a fabulous launch. It was inspiring for me to share the evening with you and all the many great authors and writers there, thanks again. So much so I have continued my book and hope to complete the first draft by the end of December.
    For novice writers, like myself, it is a privilege to share thoughts from an established author,and hear what you have to say through your blogs and tweets.

    • Hi Ian, Thanks very much, and thanks for coming along to the launch and helping to make it such a pleasant evening. I am glad it has inspired you! Thanks for all your comments. You are too kind. All best, Jane

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