Cover Reveal – The Truth Will Out!

It’s finally here! Today I’m very excited to share with you the cover art for my upcoming novel, The Truth Will Out:


I hope you all like it. I’m delighted!

The Truth Will Out is the long awaited sequel to my debut, An Unfamiliar Murder, where we follow DCI Helen Lavery as she faces her toughest case yet. There’s plenty to keep her busy in this novel as she clashes with superiors in pursuance of the truth. Oh, and she has a love interest too! I hope you all enjoy.

My wonderful publishers, Legend Press, will be releasing this book on 1st April 2014. Here’s what they said in their press release.

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – The Truth Will Out!”

  1. Hey Jane, I love it, just the sort of thing I would reach for in a bookshop! The press release is fab, you must be bouncing off the wall waiting for April?!

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