Crime After Crime is Released!

I am delighted to announce that Bridge House Publishing’s new anthology, Crime After Crime, is out now and it contains my story, Perilous Truths!

The foreword has been written by bestselling crime author, Stephen Leather, and the book is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon, and also at Waterstones and W H Smith online.

I’ve read many of the other stories already and been absolutely gripped. Here’s what their press release said:

Crime writing at its best: strong stories, frighteningly real characters and powerful narratives. This collection is a showcase of talent. Find yourself trapped in the heads of victims pleading for mercy, or the evil minds of cold bloodied serial killers. Whether it’s blackmail, obsession or a case of wrong place, wrong time, there is blood. And there is crime. Crime after Crime.

I’m so honoured to be part of this project. We even have our first 5 star review! Here’s the links:

Amazon UK Kindle edition

Amazon UK Paperback

Amazon US Paperback

Amazon US Kindle edition

Bridge House Publishing have launched a Facebook virtual book launch party on Friday 19.00 – 20.00, GMT. Do come along and join us!


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