Feeling the Fear…

As April draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my experiences. It has been a wonderful book launch month. Friends and family have been unrelenting in their helpfulness and the local people of Northamptonshire have been so friendly and supportive. Just yesterday my copy of Northamptonshire Village Magazine ‘Village Connect’ arrived with a full page spread on my launch.

I’ve also been touched by so many of my dear online friends who have rallied behind me and shared, done interviews or featured the book on their blogs.  I couldn’t be more grateful for all the lovely support and kind words I’ve received.

In case you hadn’t guessed it, I’ve really enjoyed getting out there and meeting other readers at the book signings and I hope to be able to do some more of these. Being with an American publishing house for my first book meant that promotion last time was restricted to mostly online stuff; any real events were limited those I actually arranged myself. This time things have changed and my new publisher, Legend Press, is keen for me to get out there and take every opportunity to meet people.

I’m currently in talks regarding events for crime reading month in June and will share more details when they’re confirmed. At the end of June I will be sitting on my first crime fiction panel at Beaconlit Literary Festival (you can see their newly released trailer here), and there is the possibility of another author panel at Leicester Literary Festival in October.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about these events. A naturally shy person, I’m far more comfortable sitting in front of a screen, quietly tapping away at the keys. But I’m keen to have a go. Maybe I’ll fall flat on my face, maybe I’ll goof my lines. Who knows? At least I’ll have some anecdotes to make everyone chuckle when I’m sitting in my rocking chair.

These events probably seem small fry to many authors out there, but to me they’re a big deal. Last time I kept telling people I was just a girl who wrote a book. This time I’m embracing the whole author experience – a bit like feeling the fear and doing it anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

Have a wonderful week, all.

18 thoughts on “Feeling the Fear…

  1. Exciting times for you, Jane! I imagine it’s very scary doing these things, but the more you do, the more you’ll grow to love doing them – you’ll be great on these panels. Good luck xx (p.s. My face in ‘Village Connect’… my 15 minutes of fame! ;))

    • Hi Susi, Thanks for your kind words of support. I’m sure you are right. And, yes, my aim is to get this photo in as many places as possible so that when your book is released somebody might say, “Oooh look, there’s that famous writer Susi Holliday.” 🙂

  2. What great fun! I love conferences–my favorite place to discover new authors . So tempting to pop over and see one in the UK. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the banter and side talks with readers…and the many who will “discover” you.

  3. Jane you really have nothing to worry about. I would suggest that some of the greatest speakers and raconteurs are shy at heart. Just being yourself and sharing your talent for writing will be enough – trust me!
    Best of luck with all your upcoming engagements, enjoy them, they haven’t come about for no reason.

    • That’s kind of you, Samantha. I never heard the interview since I was actually there, so the feedback is very handy! Thanks for your words of encouragement:)

  4. I recall a Speech class I took in junior college. Once a speech was over I felt I could do it again immediately. Then weeks went past and the butterflies would come back. I did the next one and felt great about it all over again…
    You’ll do fine, my dear friend. You just need to step out and do them, and I know you know that. *high-fives*


  5. I’m quite shy too, went to a book launch party last night for a friend. Have to make myself go and introduce myself to strangers. I guess you get used to it! Congratulations on your launch! SD

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