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I’m delighted to welcome Northamptonshire writer, Nicky Peacock to the blog today to talk about the merits of joining a writing group. Nicky is author of many novels and short stories, most recently The Battle of the Undead series. I hope you enjoy her post.

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Writing can be a lot fun and, if you’re lucky, quite a lucrative career, however the life of a writer can be fraught with sharp pitfalls and sporadic loneliness. Being an author is a lot of work, I’m going to write that again – it’s a lot of work! You don’t just have to write that 90K novel (which is quite a feat in itself) you have to redraft it, edit it, write summaries, promotional materials, keep up with social media, sell your work to a publisher, market your work, chase royalties and… do you know what? I’m going to stop there as I’m exhausted just thinking about it! So why do we do it? The love of telling stories and beguiling another person with just our words alone. Reading a book lets you escape into a different world, whether it’s one suspiciously like our own or completely fantastically alien– the type of people that gravitate toward writing as a career have a certain creative mind set and an almost iron-clad disposition to get where they need to be, whether they are published or not. As an author I quickly discovered that these people are my tribe.

It’s been said that, before the start of time we all lived in tribes. Each tribe performing a certain function for the whole; but alas through the centuries, we all began to venture too far away from one another and our tribes were lost to us. When you meet someone who is on your wave-length; that you instantly connect with – you’ve met someone who is of your tribe. Having these people in your life is wonderful, especially for writers. With everything we have to do, to have others around that can help, give advice and motivate, is utterly priceless.

5 years ago, I started an adult writers’ group in Corby, Northamptonshire. I’d just been published myself and wanted to help others to do the same. The people I’ve met through this group have become some of my dearest friends and yes, some have been published along the way too. A few months ago Corby Library asked me to offer the same assistance to younger writers and now I also run a youth group for budding authors aged 13-25 at the Library.

If you are writing and feel that having access to a group will help you move your work and career forward then please email me, Nicky on and let me know whether it’s the YA or adult group you are interested in. Both groups are completely free. For further information please see: and and for further information on me and my books please see:

Come and join your tribe!

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