Finding a Gem

It’s not often as an adult that you walk into somewhere and feel like a five year old in sweet shop. That’s what happened to me this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon I was invited to do a signing of The Truth Will Out at Kibworth Bookshop as part of the Leicester Reading Festival. I’d never been there before, although I’d seen the window on their webpage and it looked very cosy. But nothing prepared me for that special feeling when you walk into loveliness.

As bookshops go it certainly wasn’t huge, in fact you’d probably call it compact and bijou. But the floor to ceiling bookcases that lined the walls were filled with an eclectic mix of hand-picked titles to suit almost every palate. The proprietor, Debbie, lovingly chooses the books she displays from the plethora of books that are available from her distributors and is not only friendly and welcoming, but also knows her customers very well.

There was wine available to celebrate the signing (so kind!) and regular offers of tea and coffee for me and my family, as well as customers that joined us. The place had a real family feel to it and, if you are local, I would certainly recommend popping in and having a browse. I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome. It certainly is a gem of a find.


In other news, this forthcoming week I will be joining fellow author, Glyn Timmins, for an evening of crime writing at Desborough Library on Wednesday from 7-8.30pm. Do join us if you are able. It would be lovely to see you there.

Have a wonderful week.

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