Grab It While It's Hot!

It appears that, for a limited period only, The Truth Will Out is on a special Amazon deal.

It’s only 99p on Amazon UK and $1.66 on Amazon US !


I’ve been so lucky with the wonderful reviews I’ve had on this novel. Here’s what readers have been saying:

‘Absolutely recommended. An exciting, well written read that makes you slightly scared of using Skype!!’

‘This book kept me well and truly hooked.’

‘This is one of those books that you will get stuck into straight from the beginning and not want to put it down!’


These deals don’t come around very often so if you are feeling tempted, do give it a go. I’d love to know what you think.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me on Facebook and Twitter with this promotion. I’m hugely grateful to you all and wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend.


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