Guest Poem: 'Grace' by Bernadette Davies

I am honoured to be joined on the blog today by the very talented Bernadette Davies, whose poems have been showcased online and in many anthologies over the years. Bernadette is a remarkable writer and great friend, and she has kindly written a wonderful poem to share with you all:


‘She’s gone, she’s gone, oh no, she’s gone!’

The man in horror screamed

His searching eyes the place did sweep

Left, right, then left again


‘Please help, she’s gone’ he cried again

His hand clutched at his throat

His tie pulled loose in one foul scoop

Then flung aside his coat


‘Whose gone?’ the woman in red dress asked

Concern creased on her face

‘My daughter’s gone!’ he screamed again

‘My little girl named Grace’


And all within the store did stop

To look around their space

For a sign of any female child

With tears upon her face


‘Don’t worry, I’m going to call the cops.’

The storekeeper did declare

But Grace’s dad ran too and fro

Too panicked to even care


And then the ding of the front door

Of the store door as it closed

Stood a little girl with bright pink top

And snowflakes on her nose


‘Look Daddy what I found outside

A kitten, cute as can be!’

And Grace’s eyes met daddy face

Begging beseechingly


You can see more of Bernadette’s poetry and writing on her blog at and follow her on Twitter at @Bernadette70 .


15 thoughts on “Guest Poem: 'Grace' by Bernadette Davies

  1. Great poem Bernadette! Reminds me of when my little brother was found inside a circular clothes rail after much panicked searching 😉

  2. Grace pulled me into a situation, with alarm bells ringing in my head along with the father and others he pulled into his search. A feeling that is close to universal. A dread . . . thanks for sharing your poem here (and thank you Jane, as always).

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