Guest Post: Carole Sutton – Novels set in Cornwall

I have great pleasure in sharing with you a post from a wonderful Tweep friend, Carole Sutton. Formerly from the UK, Carole now lives in Perth, Australia. Two of her novels, ‘Ferryman’ and ‘Blood Opal’, are set in Cornwall. Over to you, Carole:

Falmouth – home of the novel Ferryman

A young woman’s body surfaces in the Fal Estuary. Angela had been missing for two years, but evidence proves her death occurred only one week earlier. Steven Pengelly jailed for her murder, is released.

Carole Sutton’s crime fiction novel FERRYMAN is set in Cornwall in the 1970s, around Falmouth, one of the most beautiful waterways in England.

Steven Pengelly would have known the town, the harbour, Customs & Excise, the docks and would have sailed into the sweep of the Carrick Roads, as the deep mile-wide estuary is known.

In the opening pages, Beaky, a real character, gets a mention. He became famous in 1977 for his pranks in moving small anchors and towing boats away down the river.

Seen here swimming away with my son.

Story can be seen on my website


Sailing out past Falmouth docks and heading north, the Mylor Yacht club lies on the left bank with its accompanying moorings and pontoons where Steven Pengelly moored his boat, Touché .

The Pandora found on the banks of the Restronguet Passage could well have played the part of Steven’s local pub, the Ferryman. Unfortunately, the old pub was gutted by fire in March 2011 – I’m delighted to hear they have rebuilt it in exactly the same style as the old one and it is once again open to all.

King Harry Ferry

Moving further north we come to the KHF. There has been a ferry crossing the river here for the last 500 years – since the days of King Harry (Henry VIII.)

Continue on towards Tolverne, you come to an anchorage for laid up ships, waiting to be called into service again. It was one of these ships that caught the attention DI Alec Grimstone, the investigating officer in Ferryman.

Smugglers Cottage

The small hamlet upriver from KHF, known as Smuggler’s Cottage, dates from the 15th century. Now it stands as a tea house and restaurant.

During WW2 the deep anchorage here provided an embarkation point for the D-Day landing in Normandy. To this day they fly the American flag along with the Union Jack in honour of the US servicemen. From here the river goes on up the Cathedral city of Truro

Trelissick Gardens is now in the care of the National Trust. But looking at those sweeping lawns, the house in the distant background, it is easy to imagine Ferryman’s Elizabethan pageant taking place there.

Click here to see trailer for Ferryman






About the Author

I enjoyed reading Lorelia McCleod’s account of a Life in Northern Cornwall back last May, and thought you might like a glimpse of the southern side of Cornwall, in particular the Fal Estuary. Two of my four crime fiction novels are set in Cornwall – Ferryman and Blood Opal.

Although I have short stories and wildlife articles to my name, my real passion is writing crime fiction. Brought up in Exeter, UK, I married Bill in 1960. We raised a family of three in Cornwall, where we built our own boats and enjoyed years of sailing the English Channel, the Channel Islands and south along the French coast during weekends and holidays. We moved to Australia in 1981 and set up a family retail business. Now, since retirement, I enjoy the freedom to write and love it when I can combine the two interests, by setting my crime locations around boats and rivers.

You can find further information on:

Carole’s website
with free stories, chapter samples
See four books on my #IAN page.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Carole Sutton – Novels set in Cornwall

    • Thank you, Peter. Carole’s photos show Cornwall for what it is – a beautiful part if the world. I find it very exciting how she links locations to her book. Thanks for stopping by:)

  1. Thank you for your comment, Peter. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics, and thank you Jane for your hard work in getting them to download. I like the way a click on any photo enlarges it and gives it so much more detail. Cornwall is a beautiful place and where FERRYMAN is a product of my imagination, the photos take you right there.

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