Guest Post: Life in the North Pole by Dee Solberg

I’m delighted to be joined on the blog today by a great friend and wonderful writer, Dee Solberg, to share her enchanting life in the North Pole.
Hello from the North Pole!  Our city is about 20,000 folks zip code wide according to the 2010 census.  We have temperatures that range from a moderate 85ºF in the summers, to a wicked -50ºF in the winter!  
 A -50 Day!
During December, we get about 2 good hours of daylight at the most but during the summer we get about 22 hours of sunlight in June!  We like to call it “the “land of the midnight sun and the high noon moon!””
 Santa Claus House
There are loads of things to do in all seasons!  There are antique car shows bar none, even closing down roads for a short time to show them off!  There are runs, marathons, parades, bazaars, farmer’s markets, and fairs in the summer.  There’’s the Chena Lake where folks can camp and fish, lots of RV parks, and lots of local artist type businesses. Oh yes, and don’t forget Santa!
During the winter, there are sled dog races, sledding, skiing, snow machining, quilting, and the wonderful ice sculpture park!  
How did we get here?  Our family is military.  There are 2 bases close by, and my husband was given orders to move to Ft. Wainwright in 2001.  We moved up from Tennessee, and love the small town atmosphere; the community, and scenery.  We don’’t love the extreme cold and dark in the dead of winter!  We also don’’t love the mosquitos the size of pterodactyls in the spring!  All in all, it’s a wonderful place to live.  The cost of living is high.  We do receive a stipend, but that does not truly offset the costs.
That stipend is called the PFD (permanent fund dividend), a fee paid to Alaskan residents for the mineral rights the state holds in trust for us.   We have two refineries, and lots of mining in the region.  Those industries along with the military bases make up the bulk of the job force opportunities and the rest is fleshed out with goods, services, and artists.  It’s a haven here for artists of all sorts with the views, nature, and culture.  We have lots of cultural diversity, a great nearby university, and a great full service community hospital.  
Dee Solberg, 
North Pole
Alaska Is where I can be found.  You’ll find stories of family, flash fiction, and a bit of living or follow me at Twitter @Wxmouse

18 thoughts on “Guest Post: Life in the North Pole by Dee Solberg

  1. Jane, this is a brilliant series, really fascinating insights into life lived elsewhere. Thank you Dee for telling us what it’s like living in the North Pole/Alaska. I have seen several great TV documentaries about this but it’s nice to have a more personal take. Glad you like it there so much, I have to say, it wouldn’t be for me!

    • Hey Isabel! So glad you like it. I don’t get out so far and wide these days, so it still gives me the opportunity to see other places from my PC with a personal edge;-) Thanks for stopping by:)

    • Bernadette the summers are truly fabulous here. We frequently barbeque and find ourselves awake at 3 a.m. having not realized the time!

  2. Great post! I live in Iowa and thought we had nasty winters here but it looks like we don’t have it so bad after all. It’s nice to see a personal account of the area.

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