Guest Post: Meet Dave Sivers, Author of Dead in Deep Water

I’m delighted to be joined today by fellow author, Dave Sivers. I really enjoyed Dave’s first crime thriller, Scars Beneath the Soul, which introduced the detective partnership of Archer and Baines. He recently released the second in the series, Dead in Deep Water, and dropped by today to tell us a little more about his work and influences.

Can you describe your new novel in one succinct but sensual sentence?

Murder may be easy, but it is never simple.


Who is your favourite character and why?

That’s such a toughie.  I have two main protagonists, and I’m very fond of both of them.  Both characters are defined by horrendous events in their past, but I’m going to go for Detective Inspector Lizzie Archer.  Dan Baines’s demons are possibly even worse than hers, but maybe Lizzie has the loneliest road to travel.


Which authors have been your main inspirations?

Stephen King’s brilliant gift for making any genre literary should inspire any writer.  To choose two more obvious ones, Ian Rankin and Val McDermid are the giants of crime fiction, but I think Stephen Booth is up there with them, as is John Harvey.  The fantasy novelist Robin Hobb also tells amazing tales with three-dimensional characters, and breaks free of many of the genre’s conventions.  I could go on forever.


How does your writing process work; confusion and paper flying everywhere or calm and ordered?

Never paper flying about, but plenty of confusion along the way.  I don’t go in for too detailed planning, or it feels like painting by numbers, but I like a rough idea of where the story starts, how it ends, and some of the things that will happen on the way.  The magic then is seeing how it all unfolds – but whatever rough plan is in my head seldom survives the writing process intact!


What is your guilty pleasure when writing? (Chocolate, wine, coffee…)

Well, I make a lot of cups of tea and let half of them get cold.  If I take a break, I’ll probably watch a recorded TV programme or a boxed set.  I’ve just finished Season One of Game of Thrones.  Not sure if I feel especially guilty about it though…


Please share your blurb with us.


When a teenage Olympic swimming hopeful is found drowned in a water-filled disused quarry in Buckinghamshire, it looks as if fears that the local swimming hole was an accident waiting to happen have been fulfilled in the worst possible way.


A few days later, a small-time thief turns up on an allotments site a few miles away, his head bashed in with a spade. Thefts from Aylesbury Vale allotments have been rife, and now it seems that an elderly vigilante may have made good on his threats to take matters into his own hands.


But murder is never simple. As Detective Inspector Lizzie Archer and Detective Sergeant Dan Baines investigate, they realise that neither case quite adds up. The truth, and the motive behind each death, is much darker than they could have imagined.

And some people will go to any lengths to make sure the truth stays buried.


Thanks Dave. I can’t wait to get started!



Dave Sivers: Dead in Deep Water – the new Archer and Baines novel is available from the Kindle Store at and

You can reach Dave at:

Website:   Twitter: @davesivers   Facebook:  davesiverswriter


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