Have you been to Scandinavia?

I’m taking a break from all the book talk this week to indulge in my other passion of travel, and share a little secret with you.

There have been whisperings in my household these past few days. You know those moments when you catch the edge of a conversation, just enough to tell you that something is afoot, that a plan is being hatched?

What they don’t realise is that I’ve caught the odd word. Well, actually it’s more like a few sentences. Enough to know that the discussion is focused on a surprise trip to Scandinavia.

It’s quite sweet really. I know they won’t be able to keep it a secret forever, so I’ll just let them have their fun and when they are ready to ‘share’ the surprise I’ll look suitably taken aback. In the meantime, I thought I might do some research, hence the title of the blog post and since neither of them partake in social media they won’t realise that I’ve discussed it with the rest of the world.

It doesn’t take much to discover that you have to pick your time of year to visit the Nordics. Over the winter period it gets very cold in the northern regions and they are immersed in near permanent darkness. So, summer time seems a preferable time to go. Also, the countries are quite expensive to visit – Oslo appears to be the most expensive city in Europe with a cup of coffee averaging £5.00 a shot.

If we do plan a trip, it’s likely to be for a week or two in 2015 and we need to make the most of my time there. As I started to sift through the mound of information available online it seemed that one of the best ways to view this region and get a brief flavour for the highlights was to take a small cruise around.

So, this is really a plea for help. If you have been to any of the Scandinavian countries, or taken a cruise around them I would love to hear about your experiences. Feel free to message me here, email, tweet or get in touch on Facebook.

In the spirit of adventure, I’m going to leave you with some of my favourite travel blogs that manage to brighten the most drizzly grey UK day.  I hope you enjoy perusing.

The Travelling Book Club’s Blog

Monkeys & Mountains

Digital Nomad – The National Geographic

For those of you that are thinking, she was only hankering after Iceland recently, don’t worry. I’ve still set my sights there. Just might take a little longer than expected.

Have a great week everyone.

2 thoughts on “Have you been to Scandinavia?

  1. I live in Norway, and have travelled a bit both here and in Sweden and Denmark. So if you like me to answer some of your questions for you, you are more then welcome to send me an email. It’s a bit difficult describing or telling you where to go without knowing exactly what your after. And I might be able to tell you how to save a buck or two in Oslo, since I live right outside the city.

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