Here They Come – The ‘An Unfamiliar Murder’ Hats!

Well, it’s been another week of hard slog on the editing front, but I’m delighted to report that we are almost at an end. The publisher has advised that the next step is for the book to be formatted and proofed copies to be produced. I admit I felt a frisson of excitement at this little line. It will be so nice to have something I can hold in my hand. Certainly makes it all feel more real.

Shortly we’ll be arranging the launch party which will be a very exciting time. As my first book was released by an American publishing house, I didn’t have an official launch. Instead some friends had a dinner party for me in the village and we had a lovely evening of fine wine, good food and great company. It felt the perfect way to mark the release of my debut. However, when I signed with Legend Press they told that they offer all their authors a London launch party. I’m not absolutely sure what this will entail. I’m thinking perhaps ‘a bit of a do’ in a bookstore with a reading etc. Looking at photos of their other launches they usually have a cake based on the book. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for The Truth Will Out. I can’t wait. I think I might need to get a new frock for the occasion!

In the meantime, last week I was truly honoured to be selected by Michelle Knowlden for December’s ‘First Friday Breakfast with an Author’.  It was great fun to share a virtual breakfast with her (although as you will see her choices were far more exotic than mine!) and wonderful to see my books featured on her blog.

What was particularly interesting about this experience is that she enjoys loom knitting and she knits a hat in each guest author’s memory, a kind of homage to their book. For An Unfamiliar Murder she decided to knit two, one for the young Anna Cottrell and one for the adult version. This is what she came up with:

The ‘young Anna’ hat

 The ‘adult Anna’ hat

I think they are both great and am so touched that Michelle should invest so much time and effort into them. When I extended my gratitude to her she said that aside from her writing, knitting is what makes her relax and she plans to give the adult hat to her mother for her 80th birthday present. It does feel rather amazing to think that a woman will be walking around wearing a hat inspired by my book.

Later this week, I will be joined by Junying Kirk on the blog. Junying is author of the popular ‘Journey to the West’ trilogy and she joins us to share the literary influences that have shaped her writing career. A very interesting post, that one.

Have a great week, everyone. Very soon, I hope to share pictures of the first proofs of The Truth Will Out. The release is less than four months away now!


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