Hot New Release – A Haunted Death by Susan Dorsey

I’m delighted to welcome a dear friend to the blog on the day that her fourth novel is released. Susan’s books are seriously good. They not only contain all the twists and turns you’d expect with a mystery, but incorporate a historical element which make them extra interesting. I’ve read every one of her books so far, and look forward to getting to my mitts on this one. Over to you, Susan.

When Jane Isaac offered me a chance to be on her fabulous blog, I jumped at the chance!  Not only do Jane and I share a publisher, but I recently discovered that we have quite a bit more in common.

Yes, yes.  Jane lives in England and I am settled in East Tennessee, near the top edge of what we consider the Southern States in America.  Despite the miles between us, our homes actually draw us closer instead of farther apart. 

You see, when doing research for my latest book, A Haunted Death, I discovered that several of our Southern Appalachian ghost stories came over with settlers from Jane’s neck of the woods.

One of my favorite examples is the barghest, a huge black dog with large teeth and claws that would eat unwary travelers in Northern England.  The ghost dog was reportedly able to change into a female, headless male, or even a bear if it desired.  Well, one of this dog’s relatives must have crossed the pond and set up in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It has been rumored to haunt the campus of the University of Tennessee.  No one has been eaten yet, but rumors have it that several students (and a few campus guards) refuse to walk up the hill to Ayers Hall after dark. 


East Tennessee is a fascinating place full of legend and history.  In A Haunted Death, Jane and her hairdresser partner Rodney uncover a bit of history that should remain buried.  When they attend a séance in a client’s barn, Jane doubts she will see an actual ghost.  She never expected to see a corpse. When other people from the séance start turning up dead, Jane and Rodney must decide if they are being hunted by a human or haunted by a spirit. 

A Haunted Death is available now on   


If you do get a chance to come to East Tennessee, let me show you some of the places that I like to haunt! 





Susan Dorsey is the author of A Civil Death, A Discriminating Death, and A Haunted Death.  She has written two short stories. “Death’s A Drag” is now available on Amazon Kindle.  “Rainy Rachel” will be released as part of an anthology in the summer of 2013.  She lives in East Tennessee with her husband and two children and is currently hard at work on her fourth novel. More information can be found at



5 thoughts on “Hot New Release – A Haunted Death by Susan Dorsey

  1. It’s good to meet you, Susan. A ghost dog, huh? It’s too bad it didn’t keep Tyler Bray from leaving Tennessee for one more year. If you followed the Volunteers and college football at all, you know he was the quarterback until he left for the draft – which didn’t happen for him. *sigh* I follow him because he led our local high school to two championship when he was here. Small world after all, isn’t it?
    *waves to Jane*


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