Meet the Indies at Felixstowe Book Festival on 27th June 2015

There are so many options to publishing these days. First you need to decide between the traditional and the self publishing route. Even if you decide to go traditional – do you seek an agent, try the majors, or take a stab at the independent publishing houses? It can be mind-boggling to navigate the industry; every writer you speak to, it seems, has a different experience to share.


Independent publishing houses can offer an alternative to the biggies and many of them still accept unsolicited submissions. On the 27th of June, SJI Holliday (Black Wood), Jeanette Hewitt  (Freedom First and Worlds Apart) and I will be discussing our routes to publishing and why we signed with independent houses on the ‘Meet the Indies’ panel at Felixstowe Book Festival. We’ll also be talking about our work and influences. The panel will be moderated by magazine and book editor, and author, Andrew Whittaker (Second-hand and Vintage London and Speak the Culture: France) and proves to be quite a lively discussion!

So if you are a new or aspiring novelist living in Felixstowe, Ipswich or Suffolk, or  just fancy a day out at the seaside, do come along and see us.

More information on this panel and the other events at the festival can be found here.

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