More Stratford and a New Blog

Just a short post from me today after what has been a busy week on the book front.

I did my first solo live author chat on the wonderful Crime Book Club via Facebook last Thursday. It was great to meet everyone, and there were lots of interesting questions raised. Huge thanks to Louise for organising and hosting the event.

Last Wednesday I was exploring Stratford upon Avon for possible settings for the new DI Jackman novel. Unfortunately the inclement weather afforded little opportunity for photos, so those you see here were taken in the summer, but it was a very pleasant and productive day nonetheless. Lunch was taken at the Swans Nest beside the river and, if you find yourself in Stratford, I can thoroughly recommend it – lovely menu and service.


This week I’ll be returning to Stratford on Wednesday evening to talk about my work at the library, from 7pm. Do come along and join me if you can.

Finally, there is some exciting news that I would like to share with you today. My publisher, Legend Press, recently started a new blog, specifically aimed at crime fiction readers and aspiring mystery writers. The site will house pieces from Legend’s crime and suspense authors, and also workshop pieces for those aspiring writers who are interested in tips and information about the industry and how to get started. So, if you are interested in the crime, mystery and suspense genre, whether in a reading or writing capacity, do pop over and take a look. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Have a lovely week, all.

4 thoughts on “More Stratford and a New Blog

  1. I spent 7 months at Stratford as an Acting Inspector … a few years since, of course!! The Police sign in your first photo reminded me. DI Jackman certainly has a nice ‘patch’ … and plenty of dark nooks and crannies to uncover a bit of rural badness!

    • Hi Glyn, I didn’t know you’d worked there! It certainly is a beautiful place with, like you say, plenty of places to hide;) Hope all is going well with your writing. We must get together and catch up soon.

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