My First Book Signing – Yay!

I awoke to a soft drizzle, the kind of rain that lures you into not wearing a jacket and soaks you in minutes. Not the kind of weather to draw you into town to see a local author signing copies of her debut novel in the bookstore. Hmm…

It was with a mixture of apprehension and excitement that I arrived at Waterstones,  Northampton for my first book signing. I had my team – hubby and daughter with me for support, friends and family popping in, but would I be sitting there alone for most of the day?

Thanks to the lovely people of Northampton this didn’t happen! Here’s a summary of the best bits:

Just set up and ready to go!

Wow – that’s me!

It’s getting busy…

Meeting some interesting characters (I’m sure there’s a story behind that hat!)


Thanks to:

Gratitude to the wonderful staff of Waterstones, Northampton for organising the event and being so friendly and welcoming on the day. 

Huge thanks to friends and family who popped by to support, especially my wonderful hubby and daughter who kept me topped up with Costas!

And big thanks to the wonderful people of Northampton for being so lovely, coming in for a chat and taking a chance on a new author by buying my book. I met so many interesting people and really enjoyed the experience.

Final thanks go to my lovely online writerly friends who support my constant efforts at book promotion.


My first book signing was a magical day – a dream for any new author. Thanks to everyone for making it so special.






16 thoughts on “My First Book Signing – Yay!”

  1. Wonderful, Jane. I am halfway through, Anna just met her brother in the Cafe Cliche (love the fold-up bike more than the waitress too – but I love her – she’s real and only doing her job lol), and I can’t wait to finish the book . . . Truth . . . the more I like a book the longer it takes me to finish reading. Excellent.

  2. Hi Jane how exciting! Congratulations on your first book signing! My husband and I would love to visit and cheer you on if ever you are in the south west!

    • Hey Lorelai! How lovely to see you here. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’d love to meet up, if we get the chance. A book signing in Cornwall would be awesome!

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