My Secret Addiction

I have a confession – I have a real penchant for notebooks.

You know those moments (usually in the most inappropriate places like the supermarket queue, trudging over the field with the dog, in the midst of cooking the dinner) when the perfect line or description comes to you and you just have to get it down?  Have you ever been known to pull over into a layby whilst driving, or halt in a shopping centre to jot something down before it disappears into the deep dark caverns of your brain?  Well, my slew of notebooks in a range of colours and sizes are for this particular purpose.

Every room in my house (including the bathroom) contains at least one and when I can’t lay my hands on them instantly I scribble on scraps of paper or record ideas on the notepad app on my phone. So you can imagine my delight when I received the latest one pictured above, a hand crafted, leather bound book which was given to me by my dear friend Emma this Christmas.  Isn’t it beautiful?

In other news, Legend Press released their 2014 catalogue this week. It was such a special moment for me as I have my very own page in it!


I’m off to write the first notes into my new book. Do get in touch either here, on Twitter or Facebook and share your methods of recording your notes and ideas for your work. I’d love to hear all about them.

6 thoughts on “My Secret Addiction

  1. Love this post, Jane – I am also a notebook addict, even though now I write pretty much everything in my phone and email it to myself instead!

  2. My habit–not quite as stellar as you two. I use the sticky notes on my old Apple. There is a collection of paper scraps near my chair where I’ve scribbled on whatever was handy and brought it home. Sometimes I don’t. What pisses me off is that the best ones seem to come at night, in the middle of my sleep.

  3. Jane that is such a gorgeous notebook! I am almost as bad with notebooks as I am actual books – just cannot pass them by! I have far too many. But, I will now follow your excellent idea of having them in each room of the house. Sorted. Right, let’s go buy another… 🙂

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