New Release Interview – Dark Place to Hide by A J Waines

I’m delighted to welcome the lovely A J (Alison) Waines to the blog today. Alison has just released her new novel, Dark Place to Hide, and she joins us to tell us a little more about it. Love that cover!


Can you describe your new novel in one succinct but sensual sentence?
Dark Place To Hide is a unnerving psychological mystery, set in one small village with two chilling secrets.

Who is your favourite character and why?
I love Clara, the seven-year-old plucky tomboy who delights in hiding in secret places. I like her because she’s cute and quirky, and I wish I’d been more intrepid at that age. She has more imaginary friends than real ones and when she starts to retreat into her fantasy world, she is, in fact, telling everyone what’s going on – but no one is listening…

Which authors have been your main inspirations?
Recently, I’ve loved Lucy Clarke (A Single Breath) – her writing is atmospheric using beautiful, delicate language and imagery – yet she still manages to create a haunting thriller! In the past, Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal struck me as a stunning creepy psychological thriller and I also loved The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. I have all these books beside me on my desk when I write, hoping it might rub off!

Ahhh, a lady of good taste. The Talented Mr Ripley is one of my all times favourites!

How does your writing process work; confusion and paper flying everywhere or calm and ordered?
Externally, I’m totally calm and organised with files, plot boards, structure plans etc. Internally, I’m total panic! I always thought once I’d written a novel, it would get easier, but I seem to have to go on my own crash-course in novel writing every time I start a new one.

What is your guilty pleasure when writing? (Chocolate, wine, coffee…)
I can’t have biscuits or cake in the house, it would be a disaster. I’m pretty good, really – just a few teas and coffees (and perhaps I should mention that ‘possible’ glass of rosé or Pimm’s at the end of the day…) In the summer, I’ll take a stroll around the garden or groom my cat (he’s 18 and can’t groom himself anymore!)

Please share your blurb with us.
She’s trying to tell you – if only you’ll listen…
About to break the news to his wife, Diane, that he’s infertile, criminology expert, Harper Penn, gets a call to say she’s been rushed to hospital with a miscarriage. Shortly after, when Diane fails to return from the village shop, police think she must have taken off with a secret lover, but Harper is convinced the social media messages are not from her. In the same Hampshire village, plucky seven-year-old Clara has retreated into a make-believe world after an accident. Then she, too, goes missing.
As Harper sets out on a desperate quest to find them, he has no idea what he’s up against. Could the threat be closer than he thinks? And did anyone pay attention to Clara’s fairy-tales?

Dark Place to Hide is a chilling psychological mystery about deception and mistrust – with a cold-blooded deviant lurking at the core.

This sounds intriguing! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Alison.


AJ Waines was a Psychotherapist for fifteen years, during which time she worked with ex-offenders from high-security institutions, giving her a rare insight into abnormal psychology. She is now a full-time novelist with an Agent and has publishing deals in France and Germany (Random House). Both her debut novels, The Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train have been Number One in ‘Murder’ and ‘Psychological Thrillers’ in the UK Kindle Charts. Girl on a Train has also been a Number One Bestseller in the entire Australian Kindle Chart. In 2015, she was ranked in the Top 100 UK authors on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Her latest book, Dark Place to Hide, was released in July 2015. She lives in Southampton, UK, with her husband.

Visit AJ’s website and blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Dark Place to Hide is available HERE.

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