New Release Interview: The Single Feather by R F Hunt

I welcome dear friend and fellow author, Ruth Hunt, to the blog today. All novels are special, but debuts especially so and Ruth is here to share with us her recent release,  The Single Feather. Here’s R F Hunt (Ruth) to tell us a little more about it.


1) Can you describe your new novel in one succinct but sensual sentence?

Rachel is hoping to blend in with the group, keeping parts of her identity secret, but when tension turns to trouble, she is faced with a decision that’ll have implications for the group as a whole.


2) Who is your favourite character and why?

I think most people would assume, I would pick Rachel as she is disabled as well. However, the character I like the best is Lena. She is mild mannered and quietly confident. She knows right from wrong, and doesn’t shy away from challenging the most argumentative, belligerent members of the group.


3) Which authors have been your inspiration?

My favourite author of all time is David Foster Wallace. I would never be in his league, but I did like how he would use the themes of loneliness and isolation, something I wanted to convey in The Single Feather.
Other favourite authors include Marianne Wheelaghan, as well as three novels (The Blue Suitcase, Food of Ghosts and Killer Shoeshine) she runs a creative writing school at and runs a guest house as well!
I also admire you, Jane – you are such a great author as well as being so supportive to both new and experienced writers on Twitter – as well as doing things like this blog interview.


4) What is your guilty pleasure when writing?

This is totally bad for my teeth and waistline, but I love munching on Wotsits and knocking back orange Lucozade while I write.


5) Oooh, I love Wotsits! Thanks for your kind words, Ruth. Please share your blurb.

I’m going to cheat a bit here, as I wrote my blurb, but when an early review and blurb for the back cover arrived from Marianne Wheelaghan, who I mentioned above, she described the novel far better than I had done!
So, here it is:
Rachel flees her past to build a new life for herself. But living a lie isn’t easy. She struggles with a guilty conscience and the fear of being exposed. Eventually she has to decide: tell the truth and risk all, or say nothing and betray everything she has ever believed in…Rachel’s efforts to belong exposes our prejudices against those more vulnerable in our society while shining a light on the power of friendships and the importance of being part of a community’ (Marianne Wheelaghan)


About the Author

Ruth F. Hunt

I always enjoyed creative writing as a child and teenager and the plan was to study Journalism. However, just after my exams when I was 18, I was involved in a major accident, leaving me with ‘life changing injuries’.
Looking back now, those changes were mostly for the better. It gave a sense of urgency to my life, and also an appreciation of those less fortunate than myself. Instead of Journalism, I worked for many years as a Welfare Rights advisor, before moving to a Social Services Department, where I was a manager in a Rehabilitation Centre for adults with a disability. It was this work that gave me the inspiration many years later to write The Single Feather.
After a change in circumstances meant I had more time on my hands I began to concentrate on my writing. After one failed attempt at a book that now lives under my bed, I began to write The Single Feather.
I now live in Lancashire with an overweight black and white cat, Izzy. I’m also writing another novel and a series of linked short stories.

Visit Ruth’s website and follow her on Twitter. The Single Feather is available here.

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