Novel Settings: The Perfect Time of Year for Murder

Deciding what time of year to set your book can prove quite a dilemma. And it’s a dilemma you need to resolve before you begin to write, because it permeates the whole story.

A no brainer, you might say? But, when you become immersed in the writing of a novel, it can be easy to forget how many times it rained, what the weather was like on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, depending on your timescales…

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2 thoughts on “Novel Settings: The Perfect Time of Year for Murder

  1. Hello, Jane. I have followed your instructions to the letter and have visited the other site. Thank you for visiting mine today. I hope the week is treating you well so far. I’m still pooped out from the weekend that was wonderful but far from restful. It was so bad that I went back to work this morning to get some rest. 😉
    Sick man, aren’t I?


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