One Good Lie

One Good Lie - Jane Isaac

The problem with a lie? It’s not easy to take it back.

Ruby can’t help but worry for her fragile younger sister, Sophie, who is wracked with guilt over their mother’s death. Despite her doubts about Sophie’s boyfriend, Ewan, she is glad he is supporting her. He’s been her rock, not only taking care of her but her two little kids, too. So what if he doesn’t like talking about his past?

When news of another woman’s murder spreads through their town like wildfire, Ruby is shocked to find herself with reason to suspect Ewan of the crime. But with one good lie driving a wedge between the sisters, it’s hard for Ruby to get Sophie to see what she sees. Ewan is keeping dangerous secrets.

As Ruby works hard to learn more about the man sleeping in her sister’s bed, she quickly discovers how little she knows: about what her sister is hiding; about the secrets Ruby herself is also willing to keep; and about what really happened to their mother on the day that she died.

Oh my GOODNESS!! I absolutely loved this… It got to the point where I was suspecting every single character in the book… The ending was twisty, thrilling, scary and, best of all, satisfying. Truly a wonderful psychological thriller that kept me captivated throughout!’ Shalini Boland, author of The Secret Mother

The e-book and paperback is available to buy on Amazon.

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