Poetry Review – The Color of Dawn by Amber Jerome-Norrgard

All artists reveal something of themselves within their work. But for me, poetry is the music of our soul, holding a vulnerability that cannot be masked by fiction, making it particularly difficult to write.

I like poetry that grips me, draws me in, until I reach the end and realise that I’m still holding my breath. I don’t want to wade through lines, trying to find the message.

The Color of Dawn by Amber Jerome-Norrgard is touchingly direct and revealing. As it navigates the story of her life we share her happiness, fondness, sadness and woes; which resonate with particular moments in our own lives. This collection covers love, loss, motherhood and lifestyle; aspects that we all experience, and shows a strength of character and resilience that is to be admired.

Reading the book, I found it hard to narrow down my favourites in such a rich collection. But here is a list of the poems that touched me most:

If I Could Live my Life Over.

My Best Friend

Goodbye, Long Time Lover

Amber has generously agreed to let me showcase my all time favourite from this collection which she dedicates to her daughter, Amethyst:


To My Child


I haven’t yet truly met you

But you’re always on my mind

I’m hoping that soon you’ll come to me

From the love in this heart of mine


I hope you’ll have your father’s eyes

The color of summer’s sky

I’m hoping you’ll get your father’s wit

Which brings more laughter than mine


From me I hope you get the strength

To stand up whenever you fall

And the ability to see the important things

Knowing some small ones don’t matter at all


I hope you’ll always be happy

Always have laughter in your heart

And I hope I’ll be able to teach you the important things

So you’ll know about life when we part


I’m ready to hug and love you

Give you the best of everything as well

I’m ready to finally meet you

‘Cause in my heart is where you dwell.


I strongly recommend this book, which offers wonderful raw talent in an area often overlooked.


You can buy The Color of Dawn here:




http://www.amazon.com/Color-of-Dawn-ebook/dp/B006T5JP9C/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t    .


To learn more about Amber, visit her website at http://amberjeromenorrgard.com/ or follow her on Twitter @AmberNorrgard


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