Pop-Up Bookshops: A New Concept in Book Promotion

As Christmas is the time when we traditionally flood the shops in search of those all important gifts, it seemed fitting to host a post from author and dear Twitter friend, Daisy White, who has utilised a new concept in independent book promotion which is gaining national interest. Over to you, Daisy:


This time last year I was writing a list of things to do for 2013, and one of them was ‘Start Indie Bookshop’… Funny how things turn out!

The Pop-Up Indie Bookshop (now Daisy White’s Booktique) launched as a market stall in March on a vile rainy day, with the very basic idea of bringing independent authors down to a grass roots level and giving them a chance to showcase on the High Street – so not just a bookshop, but a marketing platform for those wanting to promote but lacking the venue. The inspiration for the business was partly my own experiences as an author…

I clearly remember the exact moment I decided to self-publish; an email from an agent who had requested a full manuscript which said ‘…your writing is fluent and technically impressive but I don’t quite feel your main character enough. That said, this book could do very well…’ I went off, got a professional critique, rewrote the book (Roadkill) and hit the indie author road!

It soon became obvious that to get the book noticed amongst the flood of Amazon titles was going to be a struggle. Conversations (virtual and physical!) with fellow authors, and several local independent publishers revealed that key problems in indie book promotion were attracting media interest for press releases, and finding a way to interact with potential readers.

Daisy White’s Booktique has now managed to get authors involved on the BBC regional News, in National publications and regional press. I have also staged our extremely popular ‘pop-up shops’, which have evolved as a natural progression of our market stall. Keeping the original ethos of an affordable marketing platform for indies the Booktique has a unique fusion of authors, artists, luxury products and lots of lovely books! Over eighty international authors and six publishers are now represented, and each ‘pop up’ requires huge amounts of work behind the scenes (with two children under six I frequently think OMG what am I doing??), but it is an absolute joy to work with those involved. Crazy ideas are fired around – a makeover studio (Horsham), Popagami  High Street march (Ashford), live window models, multi author signings…

Renowned ‘ghost-writer’ Andrew Crofts (“One of the best kept secrets in British Literature…” Matt Allbright BBC’S The One Show) is the latest top name to join the gang – his ‘Secrets of The Italian Gardener’ is now on the shelves.

Currently in Guildford, Surrey until Jan 12th with a stack of featured author/artist/illustrator signings and the new ‘Book of the Week’ which allows authors to have their book in the window on the High Street – job done!

The new website will be live in the next couple of weeks, offering more opportunities for indies to showcase their work, including the facility to book online for our future events – meanwhile to find out more or be involved email; daisy@daisywhiteauthor.co.uk

More about Daisy:

Daisy White writes YA thrillers in a derelict garage… Great in the Summer, bit cold in the Winter. When she isn’t writing Daisy likes to run adventure races – a half marathon with a few river crossings and loads of mud in November is just perfect. The running habit means she can indulge in bacon sarnies with the kids at the weekends, and the writing habit means she thinks she can get away with wearing mad Twenties hats and calling it artistic… Roadkill was published in September 2012, followed by Killing Time, and The Film Club in March 2013. Currently trying to fit in time to finish writing LiveWire; Danger of Death which will be out May 2014

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