Reviews: An Author’s Angst

Diary of a Newbie Novelist

It has been another week of coincidences for me. Whilst I had two wonderful reviews on Susi Holliday’s and Dionne Lister’s blogs (can’t thank them enough), I also got the first negative feedback on my book.

I noticed the review (on Goodreads) quite by accident. It wasn’t actually bad, finishing up with, ‘A good murder mystery’, and gave me 3 stars. It didn’t bother me (well, OK, it stung a bit!), and I put my business head on to see where the criticism was and if there was anything I could improve on, or address, in the sequel. It said, “A little slow to start, but picks up eventually…” Hmmm. I took a further look at what other readers have said: “…page turner from the very first page…”, “…hooked from the first line…”

I sat back and considered this for a while….

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10 thoughts on “Reviews: An Author’s Angst”

  1. I have one word for you, ‘subjective’. If the majority of feedback is good don’t sweat the minority 🙂 I enjoyed the book and am eagerly awaiting the next one and I know I have good taste lol. Trust me 😉

  2. Totally agree with what Dionne said. I’ve read it too and I’ve seen the reviews on Amazon. Your novel is wonderful and any critisism you may receive, I think will be purely personal on the writers behalf. Don’t sweat it. Great blog posting too btw.

  3. Good reviews, of course, are better than bad ones but, either way, getting reviewed means you’re being read. I think it was Roald Dahl who said something like, “I don’t if someone hates what I wrote, as long as he finishes reading it.”
    Plus, reviews aren’t everything. I’ve read bestsellers and Pulitzer winners that got great reviews and thought, “Eh?” Really, it’s a matter of taste. Some will like what you write, some will hate it and some will love it.

  4. Jane, some people you will never please, because the world is full of -holes. Take a fine restaurant for example: on Yelp they might have 50 5-star reviews, but there is always the one penis-head that gives it a one star and bitches and moans about every little detail.

    P.S. YOU are a 5-star author, and I <3 you.

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