Rubbing Shoulders at the BBC (With Pics!)

This week I was thrilled to be interviewed by John Griff on BBC Radio Northampton. This was my first radio interview in a station, speaking into a mic and wearing ‘cans’. It was sooo much fun!


On Arrival


On a more serious note…


Check out those ‘cans’!


I was very impressed with the DJ, John Griff. His style was professional and he’d obviously visited my website and blog. If you are local, I’d highly recommend his afternoon show – it’s certainly a very polished act. Also, he was half way through An Unfamiliar Murder, even though he’d only had it a couple of days! Here is a link to the interview if you wish to listen. (I come on after 13 minutes.)

Huge thanks to everyone at BBC Radio Northampton including top DJ, John Griff, reporter, Adrianne Hill, and producer, Jordan Kellar, for making the experience so special!



8 thoughts on “Rubbing Shoulders at the BBC (With Pics!)

  1. I love the photos too. Sad, though: Can’t get the show to play outside the BBC “areas” — Oh well — Another thing to do if and when I cross the pond to the right area lol. Congratulations, Jane.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Justin. We are working on getting the interview put on my website. Will be available to all then. Thanks again for stopping by:)

  2. Hello, Jane. That’s awesome! I love the pics. Thanks for sharing that. I would love to listen. Looking forward to it. As I type this, I’m listening to Dionne’s podcast. I’m hooked now, in no small part thanks to you. All of you ladies are hysterical. Soon, My family is going to begin wondering just what it is I’m grinning and shaking my head at.
    Have a great week.


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