Writing where I know by Janet O'Kane

I am delighted to welcome dear tweep friend, Janet O’Kane, to the blog today to share her influences for the setting of her recently released debut novel, No Stranger to Death. I thoroughly enjoyed Janet’s book and found it to be an original take on a suspenseful murder mystery. You can read my review here. Over to you, Janet.


I set my first novel, No Stranger to Death, in the place I have lived for more than twenty years: the Scottish Borders. You can get here fromEdinburgh in less than an hour by car, yet the surroundings and way of life are reminiscent ofScotlandā€™s more remote highlands and islands. A friend’s wife affectionately calls it ‘The land that time forgot’. The Borders has beautiful scenery, an abundance of wildlife and more castles than you can shake a stick at. However, it also has the same social problems found in any city, as well as that handy plot device most readers no longer find plausible: areas with no mobile phone reception.

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