Finding a Gem

It’s not often as an adult that you walk into somewhere and feel like a five year old in sweet shop. That’s what happened to me this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon I was invited to do a signing of The Truth Will Out at Kibworth Bookshop as part of the Leicester Reading Festival. I’d never been there before, although I’d seen the window on their webpage and it looked very cosy. But nothing prepared me for that special feeling when you walk into loveliness.

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Meeting Friends – Old and New…

Over the last few weeks I have been visiting nearby Waterstones shops to sign books and promote The Truth Will Out. I love book signings. It’s like somebody giving you a license to hover in a bookstore for several hours, browse the books and talk to engaging and interesting people.

These events have become a family affair for us. Hubby usually drives us there, chats to any friends who call in and keeps us supplied with lattes. Daughter bakes cakes or cookies, hands out bookmarks and chats to readers. It’s lovely that everyone is keen to get involved, not least because it means I don’t feel guilty for neglecting precious family time!

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