Author Interview: Junying Kirk – Journey to the West Trilogy

Today, I’m honoured to have fellow writer and dear friend, Junying Kirk, on the blog. Junying is author of the Journey to the West trilogy which charts the early life of Pearl Zhang as she grows up in China and later moves to England. I have to admit that I have read this trilogy in the wrong order, starting with the third which I loved (you can read my full review here). I’m currently half way through the first and thoroughly enjoying. The second is already on my Kindle.

This trilogy is highly recommended for anyone that is interested in Chinese history or culture and her interview here celebrates the re-release of the second in the trilogy, Trials of Life. Let’s hear what Junying has to say.


I understand that this is the second book in the ‘Journey to the West’ trilogy. Without giving too much away, tell us about a bit more about it?

Yes, Jane. In The Same Moon, we follow Pearl, from the time when she was born in that remote Chinese Interior, going through the different phases in her life, all the way to her ‘great leap forward’ to the United Kingdom. We have witnessed some of the trials and tribulations in her rather eventual life. In Trials of Life, we continue to get up close and personal with Pearl, and only this time around, the story has a more sinister tone to it – she became a target of harassment and bullying, by none other than her senior colleague Dick Appleton. Her Journey to the West can hardly be described as smooth sailing, as more trying times await her.

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