Does Crime Fiction Need a Resolution?

Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you plan to watch Line of Duty, Amber or The Fall, you may wish to pass.

This weekend my family and I watched the first series of Line of Duty. It was a suspenseful viewing experience:  edge of your seat crime fiction layered with interesting characters, full of twists and turns and a dose of police corruption thrown in for good measure – right up my street. Refreshingly, everything wasn’t completely tied up neatly at the end either. There were threads left hanging, as possibly happens in a real investigation, but we were certainly given an outcome we could chew over.

Recently we also watched Amber; another crime series which focused on a teenager reported missing. The four part episodes whisked us back and forth in time as it examined various different scenarios of what might have happened to the missing girl. Naturally, as a viewer, we are constantly wondering whether she would be found alive and what happened to her. When it came to the final episode, it has to be said that daughter and I were almost expecting some kind of explanation. Instead, we were given another scenario and the whole case was left completely open.

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