A Fleeting Trip to Icelandic Waters by Lorelai MacLeod

I’m still indulging the holiday spirit and today I’m delighted to say that we are treated to another post from the talented, Lorelai MacLeod, who this time shares her recent Icelandic jaunt with us. Over to you, Lorelai:

Thank you so much Jane for inviting me back to your lovely blog. I do hope you like the photos.

I mentioned Icelandic waters rather than Iceland, not because we travelled by boat, though we did, but because water seems to be the main place I aim the camera – that and at my husband imitating statues.

Talking of which; Reykjavik’s striking Hallgrímskirkja church, of which many pictures can be found online (I do have one, but it’s far too daft), is visible from much of the city. This is my husband outside said Lutheran establishment, trying his best to embody the spirit of Norse explorer Leifur Eiriksson.


Travelling in June, the sun never set, so the rugged landscape could be admired all hours of the day. Iceland in summer is gorgeously green and an abundance of wild grasses and herbs make Icelandic lamb some of the best in the world.

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Guest Post: The Wonders of Iceland by Kristen Valentine

Otherworldly. That’s the word that all my guidebooks use to describe the landscape of Iceland. Accurately? Yes. Adequately? Not exactly. But even after a few days of being surrounded by the haunting black and green countryside and the stony grey coast, I didn’t realize how truly otherworldly Iceland is until I was engaged in the mundane task of renting a car.

“In case you see an ash cloud, here’s what you do,” the Hertz clerk told me after I declined the “sand and ash” insurance. “Pull over and turn the car off and wait till it passes. Do not attempt to drive through it.”

She went on to explain that, even though there hadn’t been a major volcanic eruption since 2011, there was still ash on the ground from the last one and the wind could whip it up into a dark, dangerous swirl with no warning. She also cautioned me about wild sheep in the roadway (just honk at them, and hopefully they’ll disperse), as well as the distinct infrequency of gas stations and the strict prohibition against driving my rented Toyota subcompact onto any backroads. “But you should be fine!” she added cheerfully.

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