Sense of Place by International Crime Writer Mari Hannah

I’m delighted to welcome international crime writer and dear tweep friend, Mari Hannah, to the blog today. Mari is author of the DCI Kate Daniels detective series and just this week she was awarded the Polari Prize 2013 for her novel, The Murder Wall. Congratulations Mari! She releases her fourth book, Monument to Murder, on 21st November. Today Mari joins us to talk about the influential setting for her crime series.

Landscape, any landscape, has long influenced art: music, painting, poetry and prose. As an avid reader, what I most love about books is that they transport me to places I’ve never been. For example, Brighton is a city I’ve never visited except in Peter James’ novels and yet he draws it so clearly, I feel I know it well. The same could be said of David Mark and Hull. Now, through my writing, I have the privilege of sharing my own part of the world with new readers both here, in Germany and in the US.

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