Thinking of Using Music in Your Fiction? Think Again.

Song lyrics can be very powerful in evoking the right feelings, creating that all important ambience and softening an atmosphere. In short, the right lyrics used correctly can pipe the icing on that all important scene.

Writers often debate the pros and cons of mentioning music in their novels. Like books, songs are a subjective area and where a choice may resonate and conjure up happy memories for some, it may put others off, particularly if it is a genre they don’t like for whatever reason.

Some writers feel that using music in books dates the fiction. This may be true although, for my part, crime fiction dates very quickly anyway; technology develops and police procedures change as the years fold by. Dating doesn’t necessary mean readers won’t read your work. As much as it is interesting to read a historical novel, it can also be quite nostalgic to read contemporary prose set before the advent of the internet, or before the extensive use of mobile phones.

I love listening to music and decided that there were some scenes in my second book where a couple of well known songs would make a difference. I did my research and found it fun to pick out song lyrics and weave them into the text. I credited the singer and ticked them off. Job done. How wrong I was…

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