Guest Post: A Snapshot of Norway by Lorelai MacLeod

Fellow travel enthusiasts may remember the piece that Lorelai wrote on her native Northern Cornwell for Caffeine’s not a crime back in May last year (if you missed it, you can read it here). Recently she has holidayed in Norway and after a discussion on Twitter, I’m thrilled to say she agreed to come back and share her experience with us. Over to you, Lorelai:

Thank you Jane for inviting me back to your fantastic blog.

Norway is one of those places I have always wanted to visit and this September I was lucky enough to spend a few days along the west coast.  My husband and I travelled with his parents via a small cruise ship, which stopped at Kristiansand, Eidfjord, Bergen and Stavanger.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we have always found cruises to be a great way to see a little of a country or area before deciding upon a longer visit.

My favourite pic, Eidfjord: Norway really looks like those photos in the travel agent’s windows.

After a day of sailing, our first stop was Kristiansand.  Situated on the south coast, the area has a mild climate and is often chosen by holidaying Norwegians, as well as foreign tourists such as ourselves.  The weather in September can be variable and we came prepared with layers and waterproof clothing, but with the exception of a couple of showers that first morning, we had no rain and the temperature was pleasantly mild.  In fact, after walking along the waterside, through the old town, visiting the cathedral and ending up with the town centre, we were feeling decidedly overdressed.

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