My Heart Bleeds

This past week it seems that my Twitter feed, Facebook posts, even email has been bombarded with news about the latest computer virus – Heartbleed. Initially some posts contained lists of the most important sites where it was imperative to change your password to avoid security issues, but as the week progressed the news appeared to gain momentum and the last piece of advice I read was to change all your passwords on every site you’ve ever used on the internet. I’m not sure I’d remember every site I’d ever used even if I had a spare day to work on it!

So, I sat down on my day off in the spare twenty minutes I had between walking the dog and mum taxi-ing my daughter to her friend’s and thought I’ll have a go.  First, I wrote a list of all the sites I could remember. Within five minutes I’d filled a page and was already starting to feel weary. Then, realising I only had fifteen minutes left, I set about prioritising and changing the key ones I used most days. Hmmm. Easier said than done.

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