Pop-Up Bookshops: A New Concept in Book Promotion

As Christmas is the time when we traditionally flood the shops in search of those all important gifts, it seemed fitting to host a post from author and dear Twitter friend, Daisy White, who has utilised a new concept in independent book promotion which is gaining national interest. Over to you, Daisy:


This time last year I was writing a list of things to do for 2013, and one of them was ‘Start Indie Bookshop’… Funny how things turn out!

The Pop-Up Indie Bookshop (now Daisy White’s Booktique) launched as a market stall in March on a vile rainy day, with the very basic idea of bringing independent authors down to a grass roots level and giving them a chance to showcase on the High Street – so not just a bookshop, but a marketing platform for those wanting to promote but lacking the venue. The inspiration for the business was partly my own experiences as an author…

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