Author Interview: Meet Glyn Timmins

Today, I’m honoured to have fellow writer, dear friend and former Detective Superintendent, Glyn Timmins, on the blog. Throughout his career, Glyn headed murder investigations and hostage negotiations all over the UK. He retired from Northamptonshire Police in 2012 and one of his final cases was the famous quadruple murder investigation which led to the hunt for the elusive suspect, Anxiang Du.

Glyn has now turned his hand to writing and in July he released his debut, an anthology of detective stories entitled, From the Diary of a Retired Detective. I thoroughly enjoyed Glyn’s anthology and definitely found a fresh voice in his poetic prose. He’s one to watch for the future to be sure! Let’s find out more about the man himself, his work and what he has planned next.


Hi Glyn! Great to have you on the blog today. First, tell us a bit more about your anthology.

Firstly, thank you for having me, it’s a great pleasure to be interviewed by you.

There are five stories in my anthology featuring the fictional detective Gary Farrow, the retired detective, whose diaries are the source of the book. Gary has recently been forced into retirement from his force’s murder squad. His plan is to make a living selling antiques under the guidance of his friend Mark Foster-Blythe. However, when an antique dealer of their mutual acquaintance is murdered in his own home Gary has to resume his old calling when he becomes convinced the police are on the wrong track to catch the killer. Dragging Mark reluctantly along with him they race north of the border and so begins their unofficial investigation into the murder of their friend.

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